These two modules give names to symbols and emoji to make them easy to insert with a normal keyboard. Alternatively, you can also always directly enter Unicode symbols into your text and formulas. In addition to the symbols listed below, math mode defines dif and Dif. These are not normal symbol values because they also affect spacing and font style.



Shorthands are concise sequences of characters that evoke specific glyphs. Shorthands and other ways to produce symbols can be used interchangeably. You can use different sets of shorthands in math and markup mode. Some shorthands, like ~ for a non-breaking space produce non-printing symbols, which are indicated with gray placeholder text.

You can deactivate a shorthand's interpretation by escaping any of its characters. If you escape a single character in a shorthand, the remaining unescaped characters may form a different shorthand.

Within Markup Mode

Within Math Mode