Focus on your text and let Typst take care of layout and formatting.

A mockup of the Typst editor.
The most productive workflow for science.
Images of three young people, each with a computer, with dashed
                 lines between them. Little sparks representing the changes they
                 make run across the lines.

Work With Your Peers

Whether in the classroom, the faculty office, or at home: Typst runs in your browser, so everyone on the team can just start writing.

Level up your team.

Store shared documents in team workspaces to bring everyone in your working group on the same page.

Team Up With Templates

Typst's templates are your personal editor. Boring parts like page layout, figure placement, table of contents, and text styling happen automatically while you type.

Changed Conferences?

Switch the template without touching your content.

Why should I use Typst instead of ...

  • Typst...
    • previews your changes instantly.
    • provides clear, understandable error messages.
    • has a consistent styling system for configuring everything from fonts and margins to the look of headings and lists.
    • uses familiar programming constructs instead of hard-to-understand macros.
  • With Typst, you can...
    • easily collaborate in teams.
    • use and create powerful templates that automatically format everything as you write.
    • just change formatting later without going over the whole document by hand.
    • enjoy higher-quality typographical output, including improved justification.
  • With Typst, you...
    • can create professional-looking documents.
    • have a lot more functionality, including better math support, figure handling, and a proper table of contents.
    • profit from powerful templates that automatically format everything as you write.
    • impress with higher-quality typographical output, including improved justification.

Need Full Control?

Anything templates can do, you can do yourself.

Leverage professional typesetting features to write and design any document.

Ready for Science

With Typst, you can set the figures, formulas, charts and tables you need to present your research.

Examples of various elements frequently seen in scientific publications:
                   References and a Bibliography, a chart created from a CSV file, a sine wave
                   chart, a mathematical formula, and a table.

Writing Formulas has Never Been Easier

Say goodbye to fidgety formula editors and antiquated syntax.

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We are two students from Berlin with a passion for software. Typst was born out of our frustration with LaTeX. Not knowing what we were in for, we decided to take matters into our own hands and started building. Three years later, Typst is almost ready to launch. Read our story.