A hobby project turned into a business

Back in 2019, we were unhappy with LaTeX and how slow and unwieldy it was. While its output quality surpassed everything else, it was simply a hassle to use. Just for fun, we started developing our own language, thinking it wouldn't be too hard to create something better. Since then we've realized just how big of a project we have taken on. But we've also seen Typst grow and evolve day by day—and we cannot wait to see what people will do with it.

Typst and Open Source

Typst + GitHub

We will publish Typst's compiler source code as soon as our beta phase starts. From then on, it will form the Open Core of Typst, and we will develop and maintain it in cooperation with the community. Some of the libraries created for Typst, such as svg2pdf, biblatex, and pdf-writer are already open source.

Typst is supported by

Logo of the European Union Social FundLogo of the Berlin branch of the European Social FundLogo of the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public EnterprisesLogo of the Science and Startups programme of the Humbolt University, Technical University, Free University and CharitéLogo of the Technical University of Berlin's Centre for Entrepreneurship

Typst is funded by the European Union (European Social Fund) and the State of Berlin.

Logo of the Distributed and Operating Systems research group at the Technical University of Berlin

The Distributed and Operating Systems group of the Technical University of Berlin mentors us. They work on AI-enabled Operations, resource management and fault tolerance for distributed systems in the context of cloud computing, HPC, Big Data, and IoT.

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