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Cite a work from the bibliography.

Before you starting citing, you need to add a bibliography somewhere in your document.


This was already noted by
pirates long ago. @arrgh

Multiple sources say ...
@arrgh @netwok.

You can also call `cite`
explicitly. #cite(<arrgh>)



This function indirectly has dedicated syntax. References can be used to cite works from the bibliography. The label then corresponds to the citation key.

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The citation key that identifies the entry in the bibliography that shall be cited, as a label.

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// All the same
@netwok \
#cite(<netwok>) \

none or content
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A supplement for the citation such as page or chapter number.

In reference syntax, the supplement can be added in square brackets:

Default: none

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This has been proven. @distress[p.~7]


none or str
Question mark

The kind of citation to produce. Different forms are useful in different scenarios: A normal citation is useful as a source at the end of a sentence, while a "prose" citation is more suitable for inclusion in the flow of text.

If set to none, the cited work is included in the bibliography, but nothing will be displayed.


Display in the standard way for the active style.


Produces a citation that is suitable for inclusion in a sentence.


Mimics a bibliography entry, with full information about the cited work.


Shows only the cited work's author(s).


Shows only the cited work's year.

Default: "normal"

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#cite(<netwok>, form: "prose")
show the outsized effects of
pirate life on the human psyche.

auto or str
Question mark

The citation style.

Should be either auto, one of the built-in styles (see below) or a path to a CSL file. Some of the styles listed below appear twice, once with their full name and once with a short alias.

When set to auto, automatically use the bibliography's style for the citations.

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American Anthropological Association


Springer - Lecture Notes in Computer Science


American Medical Association 11th edition


SAGE - Vancouver


BioMed Central


American Society of Civil Engineers


Taylor & Francis - Chicago Manual of Style (author-date)


China National Standard GB/T 7714-2015 (note, 中文)


American Society for Microbiology


American Meteorological Society


Future Medicine journals


Bristol University Press


Public Library of Science


Pensoft Journals


American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics


Mary Ann Liebert - Vancouver


Modern Humanities Research Association 3rd edition (note with bibliography)


Springer - SocPsych (author-date)


Trends journals


Russian GOST R 7.0.5-2008 (numeric)


American Political Science Association


Future Science Group


Association for Computing Machinery


Elsevier - Harvard (with titles)


American Chemical Society




Royal Society of Chemistry


SIST02 (日本語)


China National Standard GB/T 7714-2005 (numeric, 中文)




Springer - Humanities (author-date)


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie 5. Auflage (Deutsch)


Springer - Basic (author-date)


Institute of Physics (numeric)






Current Opinion journals


Annual Reviews (author-date)


American Institute of Physics 4th edition


China National Standard GB/T 7714-2015 (numeric, 中文)


The Lancet


Springer - Basic (numeric, brackets)


American Geophysical Union


Turabian 8th edition (full note)


Taylor & Francis - National Library of Medicine


American Physiological Society


Thieme-German (Deutsch)


Copernicus Publications


The Institution of Engineering and Technology


Annual Reviews (sorted by order of appearance)


Deutsche Sprache (Deutsch)


Cite Them Right 12th edition - Harvard


Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (full note)


ISO-690 (author-date, English)


Council of Science Editors, Name-Year (author-date)


Springer - MathPhys (numeric, brackets)


American Society of Mechanical Engineers


Karger journals


Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute


American Psychological Association 7th edition


Modern Language Association 8th edition


China National Standard GB/T 7714-2015 (author-date, 中文)


Springer - Vancouver (brackets)




Turabian 9th edition (author-date)


Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (author-date)


Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas (Português - Brasil)


Vancouver (superscript)


Angewandte Chemie International Edition


Elsevier (numeric, with titles)


ISO-690 (numeric, English)


Modern Language Association 9th edition


Council of Science Editors, Citation-Sequence (numeric, brackets)


SPIE journals


Springer - Fachzeitschriften Medizin Psychologie (Deutsch)


Frontiers journals


American Physical Society


American Sociological Association 6th edition


Elsevier - Vancouver


Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (note)



Default: auto