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A single-column paper for the American Mathematical Society. The template comes with functions for theorems and proofs. It also is a nice starting point for a classy tech report or thesis.


You can use this template in the Typst web app by clicking “Start from template” on the dashboard and searching for unequivocal-ams.

Alternatively, you can use the CLI to kick this project off using the command

typst init @preview/unequivocal-ams

Typst will create a new directory with all the files needed to get you started.


This template exports the ams-article function with the following named arguments:

  • title: The paper’s title as content.
  • authors: An array of author dictionaries. Each of the author dictionaries must have a name key and can have the keys department, organization, location, and email. All keys accept content.
  • abstract: The content of a brief summary of the paper or none. Appears at the top of the first column in boldface.
  • paper-size: Defaults to us-letter. Specify a paper size string to change the page format.
  • bibliography: The result of a call to the bibliography function or none. Specifying this will configure numeric, Springer MathPhys-style citations.

The function also accepts a single, positional argument for the body of the paper.

The template will initialize your package with a sample call to the ams-article function in a show rule. If you, however, want to change an existing project to use this template, you can add a show rule like this at the top of your file:

#import "@preview/unequivocal-ams:0.1.0": ams-article, theorem, proof

#show: ams-article.with(
  title: [Mathematical Theorems],
  authors: (
      name: "Ralph Howard",
      department: [Department of Mathematics],
      organization: [University of South Carolina],
      location: [Columbia, SC 29208],
      email: "howard@math.sc.edu",
      url: "www.math.sc.edu/~howard"
  abstract: lorem(100),
  bibliography: bibliography("refs.bib"),

// Your content goes below.