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ttt-exam is a template to create exams and belongs to the typst-teacher-tools-collection.


Run this command inside your terminal to init a new exam.

typst init @preview/ttt-exams my-exam

This will scaffold the following folder structure.

├─ meta.toml
├─ exam.typ
├─ justfile
└─ logo.jpg

Replace the logo.jpg with your schools, university, … logo or remove it. Then edit the meta.toml. Edit the exam.typ and replace the questions with your own. If you like you can also remove the meta.toml file and specify the values directly inside exam.typ

If you have installed just you can use it to build a student and teacher version of your exam by running just build.

Here you can see an example with both versions. On the left the student version and on the right the teachers version.

Thumbnail with both versions


You can pass the following arguments to exam

#let exam(
  // metadata 
  logo: none, // an image
  title: "exam", // shoes the title of the exam -> 1. Schulaufgabe | Stegreifaufgabe | Kurzarbeit
  subtitle: none, // Shown below the title
  date: none,     // date of the exam, preferred type of datetime.
  class: "",      
  subject: "" ,
  authors: "",
  // config
  solutions: false,  // if solutions are displayed can also be specified with `--input solution=true` on the cli.
  header: "block",  // "block" or "page" -> if the header is only a block like in the screenshot or a whole page.
  point-field: "sum",  // "sum" or "table" // which point-field is show if header is page.