Showybox is a Typst package for creating colorful and customizable boxes.


To use this library through the Typst package manager (for Typst 0.6.0 or greater), write #import "@preview/showybox:2.0.1": showybox at the beginning of your Typst file.

Once imported, you can create an empty showybox by using the function showybox() and giving a default body content inside the parenthesis or outside them using squared brackets [].

By default a showybox with these properties will be created:

  • No title
  • No shadow
  • Not breakable
  • Black borders
  • White background
  • 5pt of border radius
  • 1pt of border thickness
#import "@preview/showybox:2.0.1": showybox

  [Hello world!]

Hello world! example

Looks quite simple, but the “magic” starts when adding a title, color and shadows. The following code creates two “unique” boxes with defined colors and custom borders:

// First showybox
  frame: (
    border-color: red.darken(50%),
    title-color: red.lighten(60%),
    body-color: red.lighten(80%)
  title-style: (
    color: black,
    weight: "regular",
    align: center
  shadow: (
    offset: 3pt,
  title: "Red-ish showybox with separated sections!",

// Second showybox
  frame: (
    dash: "dashed",
    border-color: red.darken(40%)
  body-style: (
    align: center
  sep: (
    dash: "dashed"
  shadow: (
	  offset: (x: 2pt, y: 3pt),
    color: yellow.lighten(70%)
  [This is an important message!],
  [Be careful outside. There are dangerous bananas!]

Further examples


The showybox() function can receive the following parameters:

  • title: A string used as the title of the showybox
  • footer: A string used as the footer of the showybox
  • frame: A dictionary containing the frame’s properties
  • title-style: A dictionary containing the title’s styles
  • body-style: A dictionary containing the body’s styles
  • footer-style: A dictionary containing the footer’s styles
  • sep: A dictionary containing the separator’s properties
  • shadow: A dictionary containing the shadow’s properties
  • width: A relative length indicating the showybox’s width
  • align: An unidimensional alignement for the showybox in the page
  • breakable: A boolean indicating whether a showybox can break if it reached an end of page
  • spacing: Space above and below the showybox
  • above: Space above the showybox
  • below: Space below the showybox
  • body: The content of the showybox

Frame properties

  • title-color: Color used as background color where the title goes (default is black)
  • body-color: Color used as background color where the body goes (default is white)
  • footer-color: Color used as background color where the footer goes (default is luma(85))
  • border-color: Color used for the showybox’s border (default is black)
  • inset: Inset used for title, body and footer elements (default is (x: 1em, y: 0.65em)) if none of the followings are given:
    • title-inset: Inset used for the title
    • body-inset: Inset used for the body
    • footer-inset: Inset used for the body
  • radius: Showybox’s radius (default is 5pt)
  • thickness: Border thickness of the showybox (default is 1pt)
  • dash: Showybox’s border style (default is solid)

Title styles

  • color: Text color (default is white)
  • weight: Text weight (default is bold)
  • align: Text align (default is left)
  • sep-thickness: Thickness of the separator between title and body (default is 1pt)
  • boxed-style: If it’s a dictionary of properties, indicates that the title must appear like a “floating box” above the showybox. If it’s none, the title appears normally (default is none)

Boxed styles

  • anchor: Anchor of the boxed title
    • y: Vertical anchor (top, horizon or bottom – default is horizon)
    • x: Horizontal anchor (left, start, center, right, end – default is left)
  • offset: How much to offset the boxed title in x and y direction as a dictionary with keys x and y (default is 0pt)
  • radius: Boxed title radius as a dictionary or relative length (default is 5pt)

Body styles

  • color: Text color (default is black)
  • align: Text align (default is left)

Footer styles

  • color: Text color (default is luma(85))
  • weight: Text weight (default is regular)
  • align: Text align (default is left)
  • sep-thickness: Thickness of the separator between body and footer (default is 1pt)

Separator properties

  • thickness: Separator’s thickness (default is 1pt)
  • dash: Separator’s style (as a line dash style, default is "solid")
  • gutter: Separator’s space above and below (defalut is 0.65em)

Shadow properties

  • color: Shadow color (default is black)
  • offset: How much to offset the shadow in x and y direction either as a length or a dictionary with keys x and y (default is 4pt)


Colors for title, body and footer example (Stokes’ theorem)


Boxed-title example (Clairaut’s theorem)


Encapsulation example


Breakable showybox example (Newton’s second law)

Enabling breakable

Custom radius and title’s separator thickness example (Carnot’s cycle efficency)

Custom radius

Custom border dash and inset example (Gauss’s law)

Custom radius

Custom footer’s separator thickness example (Divergence’s theorem)

Custom radius

Colorful shadow example (Coulomb’s law)

Custom radius


Version 0.1.0

  • Initial release

Version 0.1.1

  • Changed package name from colorbox to showybox
  • Fixed a spacing bug in encapsulated showyboxes
    • Details: When a showybox was encapsulated inside another, the spacing after that showybox was 0pt, probably due to some “fixes” improved to manage default spacing between rect elements. The issue was solved by avoiding #set statements and adding a #v(-1.1em) to correct extra spacing between the title rect and the body rect.

Version 0.2.0

  • Improved code documentation
  • Enabled an auto-break functionality for non-titled showyboxes
  • Created a separator functionality to separate content inside a showybox with a horizontal line

Version 0.2.1

All changes listed here were performed by Jonas Neugebauer (https://github.com/jneug)

  • Added the shadow option
  • Enabled auto-break (breakable) functionality for titled showyboxes
  • Removed a thin line that appears in showyboxes with no borders or dashed borders

Version 1.0.0

  • Fixed shadow displacement
    • Details: Instead of displacing the showybox’s body from the shadow, now the shadow is displaced from the body.

Changes below were performed by Jonas Neugebauer (https://github.com/jneug)

  • Added title-inset, body-inset, footer-inset and inset options
    • Details: title-inset, body-inset and footer-inset will set the inset of the title, body and footer area respectively. inset is a fallback for those areas.
  • Added a sep.gutter option to set the spacing around separator lines
  • Added option width to set the width of a showybox
  • Added option align to move a showybox with width < 100% along the x-axis
    • Details: A showybox is now wrapped in another block to allow alignment. This also makes it possible to pass the spacing options spacing, above and below to #showybox().
  • Added footer and footer-style options
    • Details: The optional footer is added at the bottom of the box.

Version 1.1.0

  • Added boxed option in title styles
  • Added boxed-align in title styles
  • Added sep-thickness for title and footer
  • Refactored repository’s files layout

Version 2.0.0

Special thanks to Andrew Voynov (https://github.com/Andrew15-5) for the feedback while creating the new behaviours for boxed-titles

  • Update type() conditionals to Typst 0.8.0 standards
  • Add boxed-style property, with anchor, offset and radius properties.
  • Refactor showy-inset() for being general-purpose. Now it’s called showy-value-in-direction() and has a default value for handling properties defaults
  • Now sharp corners can be set by giving a dictionary to frame radius (e.g. radius: (top: 5pt, bottom: 0pt)). Before this only was possible for untitled showyboxes.
  • Refactor shadow functions to be in a separated file.
  • Fix bug of bad behaviour while writing too long titles.
  • Fix bug while rendering separators with custom thickness. Now the thickness is gotten properly.
  • Fix bad shadow drawing in showyboxes with a boxed-title that has a “extreme” offset value.
  • Fix bad sizing while creating showyboxes with a width of less than 100%, and a shadow.

Version 2.0.1

  • Fix bad behaviours of boxed-titles anchor inside a figure
  • Fix wrong breakable behaviour of showyboxes inside a figure
  • Fix Manual and README’s Stokes theorem example