Simple admonitions for typst. Add predefined or define your own.

Inspired from mdbook-admonish.


Import the package

#import "@preview/gentle-clues:0.7.1": *

if needed you can change the default settings. See the docs.pdf for all options

Use predefined clues

// info clue
#info[ This is the info clue ... ] 

// or a tip
#tip(title: "Best tip ever")[Check out this cool package]

Overview of the predefined clues:

Overview of the predefined clues

abstract, info, question, memo, task, idea, tip, quote, success, warning, error, example.

Language support

This package does use linguify to support multiple languages.

Header titles: The language of the header titles is detected automatically from the context text.lang. Currently the following languages are supported: “en”, “de”, “es”, “fr”.

If an unsupported language is set it will fallback to english as default. Feel free to open a PR with your language added to the lang.toml file.

Define your own clue

But it is very easy to define your own.

// Define a clue called ghost
#let ghost(title: "Buuuuuuh", icon: emoji.ghost , ..args) = clue(
  accent-color: purple,
  title: title,
  icon: icon,

// Use it

The icon can be an emoji, symbol or .svg-file.


MIT License