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A fun newsletter layout for departmental news. The template contains a hero image, a main column, and a margin with secondary articles.

Place content in the sidebar with the article function, and use the cool customized blockquotes and figures!


You can use this template in the Typst web app by clicking “Start from template” on the dashboard and searching for dashing-dept-news.

Alternatively, you can use the CLI to kick this project off using the command

typst init @preview/dashing-dept-news

Typst will create a new directory with all the files needed to get you started.


This template exports the newsletter function with the following named arguments:

  • title: The newsletter’s title as content.
  • edition: The edition of the newsletter as content or none. This is displayed at the top of the sidebar.
  • hero-image: A dictionary with the keys image and caption or none. Image is content with the hero image while caption is content that is displayed to the right of the image.
  • publication-info: More information about the publication as content or none. It is displayed at the end of the document.

The function also accepts a single, positional argument for the body of the newsletter’s main column and exports the article function accepting a single content argument to populate the sidebar.

The template will initialize your package with a sample call to the newsletter function in a show rule. If you, however, want to change an existing project to use this template, you can add a show rule like this at the top of your file:

#import "@preview/dashing-dept-news:0.1.0": newsletter, article
#show: newsletter.with(
  title: [Chemistry Department],
  edition: [
    March 18th, 2023 \
    Purview College
  hero-image: (
    image: image("newsletter-cover.jpg"),
    caption: [Award-wining science],
  publication-info: [
    The Dean of the Department of Chemistry. \
    Purview College, 17 Earlmeyer D, Exampleville, TN 59341. \

// Your content goes here. Use `article` to populate the sidebar and `blockquote` for cool pull quotes.