Writing a report by Christmas Eve is no fun, especially when the professor is too demanding. But don’t worry, the Typst Guys are on your side! Follow their adventures as they go unseen places to make a student's Christmas Miracle happen.

The past few days the Typst Guys had done all kinds of things to help the student: They had shown them how to import a bibliography file into Typst and they helped them format their document to make things easier for them. Most importantly, they had brought in cart-loads of letters to help fill up the body of the report. The Typst Guys were still busy with the latter, setting the letters one by one. So far, they had made it halfway of the required pages.

Our student was still doing their best, but they had lost a lot of steam and it became clear that the paper was wearing them out. They had stopped getting dressed in the morning to put them into the right mood to write and they no longer seemed quite as focused, sometimes mindlessly scrolling through the document. It was only a matter of time before they tossed aside their vegetable snacks and started gnawing on another chocolate Santa.

“Where do we go from here?”, asked one of the Typst Guys. Nobody knew an answer. The obnoxious kitten song would not work twice. Try it a second time and it would only upset the student souring the relationship between them and the Typst Guys in the process.

“Let’s just keep setting letters for them”, said the eldest, fully aware that this would not solve their problem. “It will give us some time to come up with a plan.”

The others nodded in agreement.

To everyone’s dismay, nobody could think of what to do before the breaking point finally came. The professor sent out an e-mail informing his students that he had changed his mind about the report. He did not give them a later deadline or let them know that they did not need to write a minimum of thirty pages after all. Fifteen still wouldn’t do. But what he did do was notify them of the fact that he had thought about the content of the report and now wanted his students to research different subjects than he had previously. This undid all the work our student and the Typst Guys had done. The student, upon reading the e-mail, curled up in a corner, hid their face and was presumably crying.

“How come the professor is so cruel?”, asked the youngest of the Typst Guys. The older Typst Guys were well aware that this was the unfortunate way of the adult world. They decided not to answer the youngest. It seemed to be for the best.

“I will give the professor a piece of my mind”, said the strongest but also the most impulsive of the Typst Guys and began writing the professor an e-mail.

“No, you will not do that.” The eldest reacted immediately and pulled the strongest Typst Guy out of the web browser back into Typst before the strongest could do any harm. This was not their situation to escalate. It was up to the student to deal with the professor as they saw fit.

“Do you think the professor uses Typst?” The youngest again asked another question. However, this time around the Typst Guys weren’t too sure of the answer.

“We could call headquarters and ask if they know.” This was a great idea by another one of the Typst Guys. The eldest immediately made the inquiry only to find out that indeed the professor did use Typst.

“That means that he has friends of ours working for him”, concluded the eldest, “We should talk to them.”

And so, the Typst Guys packed up, left the student a notice that they would be back soon and went home into the cloud. From there they took their helicopter into the professor’s computer. The eldest had never entered the device of a user that had not been assigned to them. Clearly, they were in over their heads.

Stay tuned to 24 Days of Christmas and don't miss what happens next. Happy Holidays!